Seven Common Problems That Will Steer You to an Auto Mechanic

By Ace Abbey

Car trouble. The very phrase can make you cringe. While no car problem is a good car problem, these struggles get easier if you have an auto mechanic that you trust to be fair and thorough. Let's look at seven common problems that may send you and your vehicle to an auto body shop.

1. Electrical Repairs
Every car has a complex electrical system that keeps its features operating. Electric problems include small things like blown fuses and faulty bulbs, as well as larger issues that affect the battery, alternator, and starter. You can fix busted bulbs on your own, but let a professional handle those more serious problems to ensure that you get back on the road safely.

2. Dreaded Transmission Problems
No one wants to hear that their car's transmission is on the fritz. Transmission repairs are famously complex and costly. If this component acts up, you'll need an auto mechanic to find the proper parts and perform this delicate repair.

3. Brake Work
Brakes are important, so as soon as brake problems arise, steer over to a trusted auto body shop. The most common repair is changing brake pads, which should be done periodically to combat regular wear and tear. If you have problems with other brake components, such as a disc, drum, or rotor, repairs will be tougher and more expensive.

4. Fuel System Fixes
If you drive with less than a quarter-tank of gas on a regular basis, you may clog your fuel pump. Try to avoid causing this issue. If your pump does get clogged, bring the car to an auto shop to remedy the problem. In addition, it's smart to have an auto mechanic replace your fuel filter on a regular basis. Your owner's manual should tell you how often your vehicle's fuel pump should be replaced.


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The Best Time to Replace Your Car Battery

By Rajib KR Saha

Every mechanical innovation requires an energy source that will offer power for its movement. In the case of automobiles, this source of power is battery. The batteries supply power to every part of the car that requires electricity to work, like the ignition system, air conditioning, stereo, and headlights. So, you can understand very easily what will happen to your car when the battery dries out or becomes out-of-order.

Most cars of today include GPS systems and various other high-tech features, which works with the help of a battery. Thus, when your automobile battery becomes faulty or dead, none of these high-tech features function. Hence, if you do not want to face such situation, you must know all the signs that tell your car battery is about to die. Like all the other parts of your car, batteries also have a specific lifespan; you need to replace them within that lifespan to avoid these troublesome situations.

Refurbished Batteries an Alternative Option:
Replacing car batteries does not mean that you have to replace it with the new ones. You can also use refurbished batteries as a replacement. These are quite easily available and also cost less than the new ones. Best part about these refurbished batteries is that they come with great performance.

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